A Basic Understanding Of Criminal Law

Crimes are considered lethal and if you committed one, then the law would do anything just to seek justice. The criminal law West London is a complex one and if you don’t have the right knowledge about these crimes, then most likely you are putting yourself in danger. It is a must to know these laws because by doing so you will be able to know how to act and behave according to the law.
criminal law West London
The crime is categorized into felony and misdemeanour. Felony is a serious crime and it includes rape, murder, arson, robbery, and kidnapping. On the other hand, misdemeanour is a lesser crime, but still you are sentenced for less than a year and examples of misdemeanour cases are theft, assault, public intoxication, and vandalism.

If you are convicted with the aforementioned crimes, then you will be accountable according to the law. Even if you are convicted, still you can implement your right such as your right to maintain silence, right to hire an attorney, and right to a public defender. Once you are convicted, you will them be arrested and if you are found guilty, then the charges against you are made public and you have the right to plead whether you are guilty or not. After which, the arbiter will announce the trial date and while waiting for the trial, you may enter a plea bargain. This means that the incriminated pleads guilty of the crime, then he will be given a light sentence. The solicitor will help you in dealing with the case.

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