Finding the Right Type of Boarding Stable for Your Horse

When you plan to keep a horse in a boarding stable, it is necessary to figure out what exactly you and the horse require. For instance, does it need extra care? Do you want to provide it with special food and bedding facility? Does the horse need stabling or can it live on the grass with a run-in shelter?

big stable for horses

Answering these basic questions will help you find a suitable boarding stable for your horse in Aberdeenshire quickly. Definitely there are many boarding stables in Aberdeenshire, but when you want to keep your horse comfortable, healthy and safe you definitely need to be a little particular.

If you think a boarding stable is simply a place where horse are kept and fed, than you are certainly wrong. There are several different facilities and services available at different stables in Aberdeenshire. Depending on how much you want to get involve in taking care of the horse, you can select the most suitable livery.

However, irrespective of which type of livery you select, there are few points which you must keep in mind. These points are crucial to make sure your horse remains safe and healthy when you are not around.

Points to keep in mind while looking for a boarding stable

Safety and hygiene: This should be your utmost requirement when looking for a boarding stable for your horse. Proper and sturdy stalls, fences, doors, windows, walls, ceilings, etc. are all necessary to keep your horse safe. Besides, there should be fire extinguishers, first aid kits, phone and other emergency equipment available in the stable.

As far as hygiene is concerned, it is pretty essential and an important part too. Your horse cannot remain healthy unless the place where it is living is clean and healthy. Check whether stalls and aisle ways are tidy or not.  Also, make sure buckets are filled with clean and fresh water. The barn needs to be bright, fresh and airy.

Proper care schedule: The main reason why you are looking for a boarding stable is you want to take proper care of the horse and need a hand in doing so. For this, it is crucial that the boarding stable, which you select, has qualified staff members who know how to look after a horse and make sure it is healthy and fit throughout.

To verify this, when you visit any boarding stable notice the following:

  • How do other horses appear? Are they healthy and fit?
  • Is the space and area adequate for several horses to co-exist?
  • Is the provided hay and feed of top quality?
  • Is the bucket and drinking water fresh and clean?
  • Is there proper routine of feeding and exercise maintained?

Price: Lastly, you might want to consider the amount you are willing to spend. Boarding fees varies from stable to stable depending on the type of stable and the services it provides. Only you can decide your budget and thus take some time before jumping on anything.

Besides the above mentioned points, you must also consider the different services different stables provide. Some stables provide services other than feeding and turning out the horse. These services are all charged additionally so decide whether you want to employ any of them or not.