You Needn’t Miss Out These Factors in Your Tenancy Agreement

A tenancy agreement clearly sets out all the responsibilities and the rights of both the property owner and the tenant. Hence, as per the legal practices, and with the help of estate agents in London, you need to prepare the agreement without missing out the following factors.

The Complete Description of the Property

It’s one of the most crucial things to include in your tenancy agreement, which needs to precisely identify the property. Mention the complete and detailed address of the property. You need to be even more concerned, if you are letting a part of the building. In such cases, the description must well indicate the exact extent you are renting. Say for an example, it can be something like, the bedroom with attached bathroom and the shared kitchen etc.

The Rent Payment and Advance Amount in Detail

Usually, most of the owners prefer taking the current month’s rent and an equal amount as security deposit. Anyways, whatever you prefer to take from your tenant, it needs to be clearly mentioned in your rental agreement. Besides, it also includes, the way you would want to take the rent, monthly, weekly basis, or in any other interval.

Maintenance, Repairs, and Decorations

Needless to mention, these are a few of your important responsibilities being a landlord. You need to take care of the maintenance and repair works required in the house. However, if your property includes a garden or other such decorative features, it’s advisable to let your tenant to take the complete responsibility of those.
Hence, with these factors clear in your mind, and the ones suggested by the estate agents in London, you can get your tenancy agreement ready.

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