Different Types Of PP Bags That You Should Know

PP bags have become an important material in daily life. Many types of pp bags are present in the market these days but grade A pp bag is the best and widely used by many industries for packing the goods. As plastic is degrading the environment, PP bags are now widely used. They are flexible, moisture, and crack resistant and can hold bulky items. Thus, they are more preferred.

Here is a classification of the different types of PP bags and where they are used.

Different types of PP Bags are as follows.

Fertilizer PP woven Bags

These types of PP Bags are used in a large quantity in the market. As the name suggests, the bag is used for chemical packaging and this bag is cheap in its cost. When you are about to grade PP bags, this category comes in the first place for recycling. Hence, it is one of the most eco-friendly as well as pocket-friendly PP bags which can be utilized to its full.

Vegetable and Fruit Woven Bag

This type of PP Bag is the most commonly used and available bag in the market. Common mass consumption of this category of PP bags is increasing day by day. The cost of manufacturing this type of bag is very less and that’s the reason that the consumption of this type of bag is increasing day by day.The recyclability of this category of PP bag is high and thus it comes at a higher place as compared to other types.