Methods of Treating Varicose Veins Efficiently

A recent study showed that approximately 60% of all women and men have a form of varicose veins, being it more or less visible and disturbing. However, women are those who usually look for methods of treating this disease, men usually learning to live with it and ignoring the possibility of finding out that their disease evolved. This is an introduction into varicose vein treatments Belfast, aimed to make you willing to find out more about this disease.

1. Causes of varicose veins

Specialists have no exact cause for this disease, but they admit that a genetic influence is to be considered. Also, hormones influence it and this is how we can explain the higher incidence in women. Periods like pregnancy, menopause and puberty are key factors that determine veins to become weak and can change leg circulation. Aging, prolonged standing and obesity will have a word to say in this damaging process too.

2. Treatment

The treating methods that were used years ago are no longer applied. At present, doctors are able to see which exact veins are affected using the duplex ultrasound. Now, due to radio waves, doctors are able to apply a treatment that makes the veins reabsorb. Lasers are also effective allies in the fight against varicose veins. Although usually preferred for treating spider veins, the new method known as foam sclerotherapy can be sometimes chosen to treat varicose veins as well. The traditional technique known as ambulatory phlebectomy is still used. The vein is simply extracted, making everything happen fast and efficiently.